Our teaching

The Health Promotion and Public Health Program (HPPHP) is a suite of five undergraduate and three postgraduate Public Health and Health Promotion courses taught and coordinated by the CPRC in the School of Public Health.  This distinctive, coherent suite of courses guides students through an iterative process of developing core skills and knowledge tailored to the contemporary demands of the Public Health workforce. The success of the HPPHP is grounded in a team teaching approach, with its four-member team regularly peer reviewing their teaching as well as systematically applying student feedback to improve Program learning outcomes. While the HPPHP cohort is a diverse one, students are supported in their learning and, importantly, understand how frameworks and principles taught across the Program intersect and connect.

The HPPHP team serve and influence the broader School and their disciplines through teaching and professional leadership roles and dissemination of their teaching practices, which means the HPPHP has far-reaching impact beyond that of the enhanced student experience.

CPRC’s HPPHP teaching team, consisting of Dr Brianna Fjeldsoe, Dr Sheleigh Lawler, Dr Tamzyn Davey and Mrs Genevieve Maher,

Recognition of teaching by peers
2015 Faculty Teaching Award for ‘Programs that Enhance Learning’.