This proposal addresses the priority areas of consumer and health care services and is consistent with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Triple Aim Framework which underpins the Medibank Health Research Funding.

CONSUMER – This PhD program of research will evaluate the use of technology to enhance the outcomes of telephonic lifestyle interventions and will serve to empower consumers with the skills and support needed to engage in and maintain positive health behaviours and enhance their experience of preventive health care.

HEALTH CARE SERVICES – Technological advances (e.g., smartphone applications and electronic tracking and measurement devices) have huge potential to broaden the reach and effectiveness of preventive health care delivery, thus improving the health of populations. The proposed PhD scholarship will provide funding for a program of research that will investigate how best to utilise and integrate these newer technologies in order to improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and outcomes of telehealth interventions.

Project members

Elizabeth Eakin

Centre Director

Marina Reeves

Co-director (CPRC) and Principal Research Fellow

Jenny Job

PhD Candidtate