Research Program Overview

The overarching goal of CPRC’s research program is to build research capacity for understanding and influencing health behaviours related to chronic disease prevention and management, particularly physical activity, sedentary behaviour and diet, and through them, weight control. The research program comprises of two primary research streams, Behavioural Epidemiology and Health Behaviour Interventions, with considerable cross-talk between them.

Both research streams involve the conduct of high-quality research which is informing health policy and practice in relation to the prevention and management of chronic disease. Our work on sedentary behaviour is at the forefront of such research internationally, and continues to inform guidelines related to reducing sitting time, both nationally and internationally. Our research on telephonedelivered lifestyle and weight loss interventions is having considerable uptake across Australia.

Behavioural Epidemiology

Understanding the health consequences of sedentary behaviour (prolonged sitting time) and overweight and obesity, as well as issues involved in the measurement of sedentary behaviour, using both self-report and device-based assessment tools.

Health Behaviour Interventions

Developing and trialling innovative interventions to promote initiation and maintenance of physical activity, reductions in sedentary behaviour, healthy eating and weight loss in adults, with and at risk for chronic disease, across multiple settings, and using broad-reach delivery modalities, including the telephone and text messaging.

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